7 June 2016

Fashion Police - Buea Fashion Week

Hi lovely MK Readers,
I know you have been waiting for this post like teachers waiting for their monthly salary. So I apologies for the delay. As usual it was due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyway, let me cut off the gimmicks and dive in. As we all might or might not know, the first 'season' of Buea Fashion Week organized by Cameroon designer Reneta Ndisang took place on from the 12th - 14th of May. Well, as a first time event, I must say the organizer(s), did the best they could, some things could be better but let's just wait and see the next season coming up in November (allegedly). That said, the turn out was Really! Really! Really! poor. There were barely any 'celebs' at the event, I mean even the Buea level ones. It got me wondering if it was that they weren't invited, or as usual (in normal Cameroonian behavior), they are waiting for the event to become big and popular before they can attend. Me I no di understand wona oo. Even small upcoming artists, actresses etc couldn't make it to the event?. Chaii. That's why you guys will forever remain upcoming. *Honestly! If wona for attend wona picture for dey my blog now. Much needed exposure and recognition*, if you like ask Actress Malvis Ann. Anyway I don talk ma own.


- To Artists, Actors etc etc: If you are up coming or planning to get into the entertainment industry, you should attack every single event till you can attack no more. From the smallest to the biggest event. You should be everywhere at all times Because you never know who is watching. An event is never too small.
- To organizers: You have to have a business mind. It doesn't matter if it is your first event or 50th event, you always need people to talk about it. And for people to talk about your event you need to have 'talk worthy' people at your event (Better people). It won't hurt to give out 5 - 10 free invitations to important personalities who will give your event the recognition and buzz it needs. I am just saying.
Now that I have aired my mind. Below are all the pictures my photographer and I could come up with.
Photo Credit: To my able Photo person - Sume LC. Thanks hun.

Singer - Daphne: 

I absolutely love her outfit. She looks stunning a long sleeved bodycon dress *unfortunately i don't know the designer*. I also love her shoe color, it goes well with the outfit and her hair style compliments the dress. She definitely slayed.

Rapper - Mic Monsta:

Who knew that hip - hop and fashion could go so well together lol. Ok jokes aside, I absolutely loveee this outfit. It's the first time I am seeing someone wear an 'Agwada' with a hoodie, jeans and Timberlands and I must say I am in LOVE! with how it turned out. It could have easily gone wrong but his color choices made it work. Slayage dot com.

Actress - Malvis Ann

Malvis Ann was one of the host. She wore a turtle neck sheer dress. I must say I am not a huge fan of the dress. Just because the finishing is poor and the dress doesn't compliment her amazing body. Her make up wasn't done right at all. But those shoes are definitely having a life of their own. love them. 

This outfit is definitely better. Love the simplicity.  Make up and hair look 100 times better. Also love her shoes.

These ladies opted for a more gentlemanly look. At first glance I was like *WTF* but let's be honest, they do look good. Love their suits but I almost feel like switching their pants (trousers) and their shoes. *Just try to envision them with each other's pants and shoes*  They could have looked a lot better. That said, I love the risk, it did pay off and they look fashionable and unique. 

        I actually like the denim shirt dress, however whatz up with the shoes? it is like someone wearing 'chang' (rubber shoes) and socks. Before you guys start saying, "Alison, but people wear socks with their shoes", Let me educate you. There is a 'not so popular' trend where ladies wear socks and shoes but only with pumps and it is NOT this kind of sock. They are usually very light weight (almost see through) ankle length socks. The socks the lady in the picture is wearing are the socks worn in running shoes. Those are 2 very different things for different purposes. However I love her outfit and hair.
        The lady in the togho high - low dress looks good. love her outfit and how she styled it. Very simple and chic.

   Well guys, that's it for this fashion police post. As I said the turn out was not great. Reason for the few pictures. Stay turned for my interview with Cameroon's talented Rapper - Mic Monsta and 'Chasing Tails' movie premiere Fashion Police. As usual you will not be disappointed.


  1. First I must commend your efforts. No offence but you really have to edit your work before publishing/posting. Just an honest remark

    1. Seconded.

    2. Thanks for you remark. I do edit my posts before posting them but you have to know that if you can see mistakes in published textbooks then what more of a blog. It's almost inevitable but i am working on it. Thanks.

  2. Comments and remarks are on point. But the picture quality sucks. Need a lil step up

    1. Thanks hun, working on getting better quality pictures